Botox® & Fillers in Huntsville, AL

Dr. Gunn at PureBrow of North Alabama

Dysport / Xeomin/ Botox / Jeauveau

These muscle relaxers smooth wrinkles and fine lines created by muscle movement of the face like elevens and frown lines. The wrinkles gradually fade after 2-3 days and sometimes even disappear completely. Results last 2-6 months.

HA Fillers

Fillers are made of natural gel proteins that help reverse the signs of aging. They replace fat and collagen lost as we mature. Results can last 6-12 months.


Biostimulating fillers like Sculptra and Radiesse not only restore fat loss but also restore bone and collagen. They are best used for full face rejuvenation. Results can last 2 or more years.


Kybella dissolves small fat pockets on the chin, arms, belly or legs. Results are permanent.

Consent to Treat

Most patients are pleased with the results of their cosmetic injection treatments. However, like any cosmetic procedure, there is no guarantee that you will be completely satisfied. There is no guarantee that wrinkles or folds will disappear completely, or that you will not require additional treatments to achieve the results you seek.


Bruising and tenderness are the only expected side effects. However, all injections have the risk of rare but severe side effects such as allergic reactions nodules, pain, muscle weakness, difficulty breathing, blindness, necrosis of the skin and even death.

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